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Liyana The Lawyer

Ahmad Najib bin Aris V PP (2009)

June 13 of 2003, was the day when Canny Ong’s mother and sister last saw her. Canny was kidnapped from the parking lot of a shopping centre in Bangsar.


Three days later, the charred remains of Canny’s body were found in a culvert along the New Pantai Expressway construction site at Batu 7 Jalan Klang Lama, after construction workers were overcome by a stench emanating from the area.


Two tyres filled with cement were placed on the body, to pin it down, before it was torched. A half-metre wide board was placed on top of the culvert opening.


A former aircraft cabin cleaner, Ahmad Najib Aris was arrested at his house in Pantai Dalam three days after that.


He was charged at Petaling Jaya Sessions Court on July 3.

During the trial, the nation was stunned by the horrific details of the abduction, rape, murder and the dumping of Canny’s body into a manhole before it was torched.


On Feb 23, 2005, Shah Alam High Court convicted Najib of the rape and murder of Canny and meted out the death penalty for the murder and 20 years’ imprisonment.


In 2007, Court of Appeal rejected his appeal.

On March 27, 2009, the Federal Court upheld his conviction and death sentence for the rape and murder of Canny.


13 years after the case, on Sept 23, 2016, he was hanged at Kajang Prison.